Kaya Blum

The founder and the head of the dance studio of KAYA BLUM Pole Dance Studio
Certified teacher of Pole Dance!
Instructor of various programs and Workshops of Pole dance, Exotic Pole, Strip plastic.

Choreographer and director of various show programs and events

  • 1 place in the championship ExoticPoleFest Greece 2017 Greece Athens. Category Exotic profi-solo!
  • Top of the best dancers of Ukraine 2016 Exotic pole dance according version to the Pole Dance Info
  • 1 place PARANOIA 2016 Moscow -category Exotic solo
  • 1 place of Exotic Dream Championship -category Hard -Profi.Kharkov 2015 Ukraine
  • 1 place in the All-Ukrainian Championship» Best School Pole Dance 2013 Kiev
  • 1 place in the All-Ukrainian Championship «Best School Pole dance 2012 Kiev

Judge Z-battle festival of the Workout and Pole dance 2016 Kiev

Judge CharmExoticPoledanceFest Championship 2017 Kiev

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