Marion Crampe

1.  The illusionist (1.30h)

Class can be designed for different levels or Marion will propose options to fit a mix-levels audience. 

This workshop can also be adapted for beginner students.

Experience the unique way Marion has to get into her favorite and signature moves. Discover how far you can bring your own limits when guided in the right direction.

2.  Pole bendy whispering (1.30h)

Suitable for all levels. stretch and pole clothes needed.

Let Marion whispers you the secrets to get all the bendy pole moves of your dreams.

Make sure to prepare your wish bendy list before you get to the class.

You dont have to be extremely bendy to attempt this class.

3.  AVEC PASSION Poleography (1.30h)

Mixed levels or designed for specific one.

Very appreciated workshop for those who want to share a passioned «pole dance» moment. Marion will share with you the way to built a routine with her signature moves and dance.

4.  Spin Ceremony (1.30h)

Mixed levels or designed for specific one.

Learn how to make your spinning skills unique and magical. Follow Marion will share her favorite spins and tips that makes her flows very special.



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